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Trying to find some alternative to unusable MK4 Karma


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Alright so as you probably all know already, karma is not working anymore. So I was wondering what we can do to replace this broken feature

I have been reading the forum a lot and I find only one solution. And it's quite far away from what Karma should be:

Even if the pineapple isn't "Yes-manning" win7 targets to you, you can still use it as a compromised access point. As I've suggested before, the best way to get noobs (non computer folk that is) to your pineapple is to replicate the nearest free wifi hotspot. So if you're in a coffee shop, and the ESSID of the free wifi is coffee_shop_wifi - deauth the shit out of that access point and edit your karma.conf to be coffee_shop-wifi or something with just one small character off. People will lose their connection, windows/OSX/whatever will autoscan around for another one, and they'll find and manually click on coffee_shop-wifi. The end result is the same - you're wiresharking/ngreping/urlsnarfing their traffic. I think this is best way to maximize the net you're casting out there. If you happen to get some karma'd clients, then great - but everyone will have to connect to you anyways, as the coffee_shop_wifi is now crippled.


But this solution is not satisfying

So I was wondering if it was possible, instead of doing that, to connect to the targeted SSID (In this exemple coffee_shop_wifi) and run all our tool from there. I think that would be way more productive than creating a fake SSID and hoping for the client to run on it. But well, is it actually possible with the wifi Pineapple?

And if anybody have others solutions to replace the mk4 karma module, share with us and let's find a better idea

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i just flashed a new hornet with the latest mark iv firmware and found that karma takes a while to bring up a dupe of the local ap.

After a while it seemed to come up.

Looking forward to any fixes etc...

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