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WiFi Pineapple - Bug reports


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Hey everyone,

As some of you may have noticed we have introduced a bug / suggestion reporter to the WiFi Pineapple website.

Currently you need to have an account to be able to view and write bug reports. In the near future the bug reports / comments will be made public. Commenting on and creating bug reports will still require an account.

We would like you all to make use of this new feature instead of just using the forums as it will allow us to keep track of issues a lot better, assign developers and follow the bug progress. It would help us a lot.

It also means you can stay more up to date on any bugs that you may find / that are relevant to you. While not visible just yet, we have the ability to email you every time a bug gets updated / commented on.

This new system also means that we are retiring our Bug / Suggestions forum - at least for now, while we give this new system a go.

So, do you know about a bug that we currently have? Is it not already in the bug reporter? Please submit it! It doesn't matter if it has been discussed on the forums or not, we will start to focus on what we have in the bug reporter.

We hope that this will bring the community and the development a bit closer as you can see what specifics we are currently working on.

The Pineapple Bug Reporter

Of course, feel free to discuss / let us know what you think about this in the comments below!

Best Regards,


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I should add that in general we are trying to make better use of the new website.

What we have coming:

  • The beta system - Once a beta is available, the system will be visible.
    • Once a beta testing stage has begun it will be available.
    • You will be able to take part in testing.
    • You will be able to see results of testing stages.
  • A proper pineapple blog. This will not only discuss new versions but explore individual features of the pineapple in more detail.
  • Actual news. The current news is horrible and has never really been made use of. We are going to change that and bring you more exciting things that.. "Firmware X has been released".
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- Cool! Submitted the (persistent) bugs i'm experiencing right now.

- Also, i'd love to see some of the cool scripting buried in the forums here outlined better to the newbies.

- And, i'm fighting with my OpenWRT nano-routers (WR703N and MR3020 models) to get internet via wlan / 3g bridging working like this:

"Starbucks Wifi" <- ([wlan0] MR3020 [eth0]) <- -> ([eth0] PineApple [wlan0]) <- -> Wlan Clients

3G-Dongle [usb] <- -> ([usb] MR3020 [eth0]) <- -> ([eth0] PineApple [wlan0]) <- -> Wlan Clients

I think these are just basic setups for portable use with ICS, but i'm having a grand adventure trying to bridge that sh!t :)

- Another question: is this just for pineapple/jasager issues? Or will the module developers also get bugs assigned to them on this new platform?

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