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Issue With 3g Modems and USB Hubs


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Got lovely new MkIV Pinaapple. It's yummy :-)

3g working fine with two different USB modems Huawei E353 and Vodafone (Huawei) K3565. All very happy.

I'd like to add some more storage. So I've got one of the little powered USB Hubs and a Cruzer 4Gb from The HakShop (Thanks).

But... No matter what I try, I can't get either of the modems to dial successfully when connected via the hub. Even without the Cruzer connected. There's no shortage of power (2.1A to the Hub and 1.2A to the Pinapple). Pineapple sees the modem, loads drivers etc. but dialing fails with a timeout!

I've also tried a pasive 2 Port Hub with the modem powered seperetely via a "bodge lead" that I whipped up. Exactly the same result :-(

Am I missing something? Much googling and hair pulling but still no joy.

Any pointers would be very much apreciated.


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Really? Has nobody got any ideas? :-(

Tried three different hubs and two different 3G Modems. 3G dialup works fine plugged straight into the Pineapple but dialing times out when connected via a hub. Am using mains power adapters for both Pineapple and hub.



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Does the Cruzer stick or other USB devices, minus the modem, function when plugged into the hub? If not, then I would use TwistedPacket's suggestion and try another hub. Are you sure your getting 2.1A to the hub? Where is that power source from?

I am using a Belkin F4U019 Passive Mobile Travel hub that you can get at OfficeMax for 15$, took the power lead from hub input and moved it to a powered 2.1A external power source. 1.2A to the Pineapple is adequate. I have a Cruzer, Alfa wifi, and VirginMobile U600 modem all connected to it and running with no issues at all.

I never had to plug everything in after the pineapple boots.

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