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OpenStack Cloud OS

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OpenStack (http://openstack.org/ ) seems to be the hot topic among the older IT wizards at my work. Idk much about it, but I wanna start experimenting.

Apparently to get started with OpenStack you're supposed to either hook up with a participating public cloud, which it says is easy, or download their developer version. I downloaded the Dev version but haven't played with it b/c you usually have to learn to walk before you run and I barely even understand what this technology is about, except very generally. I guess it helps you manage a cloud and create new nodes, but that's the extent of my knowledge.

I checked out the public cloud thingies they mentioned, but they seemed to fall into three categories

  1. Paid ones
  2. Ones that are in beta but when I signed up didn't actually give me a beta copy of anything, just an email saying "thanks, we'll let you know when it's time"
  3. Ones that are in French and who I'm not sure if I wanna sink too much time into because the translation of their support pages with Google Translate was not very good

and so, I'm just kind of dazed and confused right now. Is anyone here into this? Has anyone gotten further with it than I have?

How does Puppet Enterprise figure into all of this? Is OpenStack a competitor/alternative to Puppet, or could they be used together? What about Hadoop and MPI?

If you know the answer to any of this then I think you're a genius and I highly, highly respect you.

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