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Router Buying Time: Questions About Fon 2.0 / dd-wrt


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Hi Guys,

One of the many things I've learned from the hak5 community is that Fon's are pretty awesome, as is dd-wrt. It's time for me to get a new router because my ancient refurbished TimeCapsule doesn't do a router level VPN and I'm retiring my last Macbook which means I won't have a computer that's compatible with the Airport Utility (it doesn't play well with Linux and I reject Windows). Btw if anyone really wants my TimeCapsule and has something to trade then you can PM me.

I'm not as savvy with this type of stuff as a lot of you guys are tho, so I wanted to check that I won't be disappointed if I go with the $79.99 Fonera 2.0. I would get the NetGear R6300 based on speed, but the price is too high. This $80 is the most I can spend and if the router isn't a Fon then let's say my max price is $50 (b/c the Fon can earn $ for you).

Would someone kindly tell me if I'd be correct to think that the Fon 2.0n will be the most 1337 in my price range and will cover me on the following criteria (?):

  • dd-wrt compatible --> I know the older version is...
  • can be used for a router-level VPN
  • is something I can show to other hackers/nerds/IT/CS-folks with pride
  • is fast as possible in my price range
    • it's 300mbs for 802.1 n
    • i know that 802.1 ac has started coming out, but i think those are all $164+ used on eBay and $219+ new

Thank you very much!

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OK, I think I answered my own question with a little more research. The Fonera 2.0N is a "WIP" for dd-wrt. I can get some 600mbps routers for less money though. It can't be used as a router level VPN out of the box to my knowledge but once dd-wrt is working then it should be no problem, of course.

My only concern is that someone is going to abuse the hotspot and get me in trouble. Yes, I'm sure the terms of service and/or any lawyer could exonerate me, but I don't think I'd want to go thru the steps that happen before I have the chance to exonerate myself. So that's my main concern with the Fon, but d*mn, it's just such an awesome router and the idea is brilliant IMHO.

I guess the 300mbps limitation will be a dealbreaker tho. Now that I know I can get 2x the speed for less money I can't bring myself to buy it.

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