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Hacker gets 1 year... a lot of restitution


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that is a lot for hacking! Kevin Mitnick got 5 years which was one of the harshest sentences ever and that involved:

  1. years and years of more hacking
  2. getting not only tons of source code, but also hacking the cell phone system and traditional phone systems so many times that it's impossible for anyone to count even him
  3. laundering faxes
  4. running from the Feds for a long time, then lying to them when they came for him
  5. hacking (more) cops/feds
  6. etc

if I were the judge I would've given Kevin 18 months and would've only really had him serve 6 months of it and I would give this LulzSec guy 8 months, but let him get have it be a suspended sentence if he uses his skills to help out the government in fighting terrorism / foreign military hackers or just have him go around to schools and teach kids to hack without being black hats.

The British have been handing out suspended sentences to their LulzSec hackers, why does the American government have to be so lame? Way to discourage the younger generation from staying 1337, Uncle Sam. Keep it up and we'll have a nice law abiding generation of lamers who get us pwned by China's digital Red Army. I'm already learning Mandarin to get ready.

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I figured 1 year and a little over half a million in restitution is not a bad deal... well... I think I would tell the judge to sentence me for the 600,000 $... where the hell does someone have that type of scratch laying around?

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I wonder where they got that figure tho? I may have missed the detail, but I know that Sun said Mitnick caused them 10's of millions of $ of lost $ just by looking at the source code for Solaris then a couple of years later their company economists decided that it was a more profitable move for them to make it open source.

If I were that guy I would've hired an economist to do a study and testify on the real damage caused, which could be a much much smaller #.

I totally agree with you tho about the $ versus the prison time. Prison time for hacking is total f-ing BS but if faced with the choice then I agree -- I'd always prefer to pay any amount of $ rather than doing time.

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After experiencing the pokey when I was a younger lad for 9 months; I think I could do FEDERAL prison time. Just my books and I... and working out 8 hours a day... ;)

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