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Portable Pineapple on a Budget


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So here you go guys, how you can make your pineapple fully portable for about £10. (Probably less if you dont go to Maplins).

You need the following:

1 x 8AA Battery Box (http://www.maplin.co.uk/aa-size-battery-holders-31427)

1 x Shrink tubing, this needs to be the right size for your cables so check the size before you buy (http://www.maplin.co.uk/heat-shrinkable-tubing-with-adhesive-inner-liner-308)

8 x AA Batteries, you can pick up 100 Maplins branded for £15. I actually found these worked quite nicely. (http://www.maplin.co.uk/aa-alkaline-batteries-217782)

1 x PP3 Connector (http://www.maplin.co.uk/pp3-type-battery-snap-44392)

1 x Pineapple sized power connector (I salvaged one from an old Virgin Media router to save the original plug I got with the Pineapple).

Unfortunately I didn't document building this as it was during a pentest and I made it on the counter in Maplins however...

You will need to take the battery box and clip the PP3 connector to the top of it, the PP3 wires should come stripped enough to work with.

Slide the shrink tubing over the PP3's wires and join up your power connector, twist the wires and shrink the tubing by applying heat (A lighter works nicely).

Insert batteries, plug into Pineapple and away you go. Mine lasts approximately 15 hours although the radio strength will decrease over time, the first couple of hours is perfect (and usually enough for my purposes). Consider buying rechargeable batteries if the idea of buying lots of cheap throw aways makes you sad inside.

And lastly, the money shot.


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Some people might want to check this out, stays at 12v but you can have a larger supply like a 18v and always be 12v output

But my stupid RadioShack doesn't have any even though online it says they do.

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