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duck encoder 3.0.0 hangs?


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I just got my duck encoder and I wanted to try it but I cannot get the encoder to work!

it gets to Encoding Script .....

and then just hangs there!!

The script is simple:

REM DESC: opens notepad and types Hello World!
STRING notepad.exe
STRING Hello World!
To encode I am in the correct location and type:
java -jar encoder.jar -i HelloWorld.txt
What the hell am I doing wrong???


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Yeah its a known bug, developer has been informed.

The v2.4 encoder was the master source code and is more stabled.

v3.0.0 is experimental - the start of a code re-hash to make creating modules easier, only its got bugs???

Think its down to REM lines - remove them and v3.0.0 should work as intended.

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Sorry I've been a bit lacking on the Dev side. I've had three huge Uni projects to work on over the last couple of months. It's all coming to an end over the next week though so Ill have a lot more time to bug fix. I haven't wanted to mix Java with C# while doing my projects because of the differing paradigms in the code. Bugs will be fixed shortly and in the next month or so I'll be starting work on DuckyEncoder.NET and possibly even an IDE called Deicide.

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