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Anybody from Austria sells Pineapples? (or surrounding)

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Does anybody from austria (NOT AUSTRALIA!!) or surrounding countries (Germany, Italy, ...) sell Pineapples? or rubberduckies?

(... I'd love to buy from HAK-Shop, but shipping rates to austria start at 35 USD :unsure:)

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too bad ... i thought it would work since the mark IV and the fon2202 have similar hardware specs

the mark IV has an Alfa AP121U inside, or??

The MK4 does have an AP121U inside but that is very different hardware to the 2202..

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Thanks for pointing that out!

I tried to flash my fon2202 with the mark4 firmware yesterday and failed a little ... First clue was the different baudrate of the serial interface

Okay, I only checked the I/O's, not whats actually inside :p

Can i flash my fon 2202 with a previous release of the pineapple Firmware?

... Or is there something like a "Soft-Pineapple" ... Like a VMWare which comes with all the pineapple features and the webbased config-menu, just that you get an impression of what the pineapple is able to do?

(I do have an Alfa USB-Adapter though)

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