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No CHOICE in Windows XP


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I made a little batch file that backs-up my files onto a FreeNAS server, like in 2x02. Problem is this:

I want to use an old MS-DOS command 'CHOICE', but 2000/XP don't have it.

I want it because I want to have a timed choice, if I want to keep using the computer or just it shut it down (default, after 30sec, it shutsdown).

I am having a really hard time trying to figure out how I should make this timed choice in Windows XP.

Any suggestions for a n00blet?

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Ok, short version you can get what you want here:


Long version, a modern (and alot more stable) version of the choice command was included in the NT and 2000 resource kits, for some reason I couldn't find download links for these at Microsoft anymore, so I googled and found and tested the link above which contains choice for 2K/XP compatible systems. This tool was dropped from the XP/2K3 Resource Kits as it's a built in command in Windows 2003.

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