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firefox search bar top right corner


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my cuzin messed my firefox up deleted everything back to defult everythings back to normal exept the defult search bars in the top right corner i mainly just want google ive tryed re installing it dos enyone know a place where i can download the defult search engine plugins for firefox

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I assume he just want the firefox search bar options reinstalled.

Back up your bookmarks and save the resulting html to a safe place.

Then delete your firefox profile it should be in docs&setting on you c: drive (can a windows user correct me here if im wrong).

Then reinstall firefox.

This seems extreme,buts its probably the easiest way to get ur shit back to normal. You will have to re-install the extensions.

If not google about:config if you can be bothered. :)

man im being to nice lately. i havnt had an argument in ages...

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we're not remote veiwers

Speak for yourself. And seriously dude, change your socks. It's just... eeeeuw! The missing one is under your couch, near the left-rear leg.

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