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Change TimeZone


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I was wondering if anyone has changed the default TimeZone from their Pineapple :D

If yes, could someone explain to me how?

Also, I would prefer setting up a country/capital, because we have DSTs here and I don't want to change the Time Zone each time the hour format changes.

Is there any way to set the Pineapple up for Romania/Bucharest using something in the command line?

Thank you!

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hmm, it seems it's not working with EET-2EEST. I've restarted the router after changing and saving the settings and now my logfile says:

02:03:14 Nerdonite user.info sysinit: setting up led WLAN

however, when I restarted it, it was 05:03 or 17:03, whatever you might call it. :(

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try using Petertfm's script.. http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/26363-mark-4-setup-script/

you can configure the time zone along with many other things!

of course the pineapple must connect to the internet after booting up to get the correct time and it will "hold it" until the poweroff and that because it does not have a built in battery

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