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[BugReport]Ducky distorts the word notebook.exe so it can't execute

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I need Help I did your basic encoding and The rubberducky will not translate or the script is flawed when encoded.

C:\AllDownloads\Rubber Ducky\Encoder\3.0.0>java -jar encoder.jar --debug -i source.txt


USB Rubber Ducky Encoder v3.0.0

Script: source.txt

Loading DuckScript ..... [ OK ]
Spawning Ducklings ..... [ OK ]
Generating Keyboard Settings ..... [ OK ]
Localising Keyboard Settings ..... [ OK ]
Preprocessing Script ..... [ OK ]
Encoding Script ..... [ OK ]
Writing Binary File ..... [ OK ]

Encoding Complete!

C:\AllDownloads\Rubber Ducky\Encoder\3.0.0>

Windows comes up with a cmd error "Windows cannot find 'Pad.exe"

I have tried it several times and the word Notepad gets trunkcated in different positions tried different sleeps up to 5000 and still no go. I used your simple text input to no avail.

SLEEP 2000
STRING notepad.exe
SLEEP 2000
STRING Hello World!

Your debug did not give me any extra info than I am showing here either.

I am almost ready to send this duck back I had just bought it as a joke to play with and I seem to be the one getting joked on.

If you can help thanks.

It seems I can not upload the source.txe or the inject.bin file even if I put txt on the end.

When the duck goes to open start and the cmd enter box it always distorts the text Notebook.exe and leaves out letters so it cannot execute.

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DELAY 3000
STRING notepad.exe
DELAY 1000
STRING Hello World

If Encoder v3.0.0 is not working for you please try Encoder v2.4 - they'll essentially the same, just use different coding practises (v3 tries to be more Object Orientated, and may have bugs?).

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