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Tethering from Nano Routers


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Hi, i've got a bunch of TP-Link MR3020's and WR703N's running OpenWRT, specifically the MiniPwner build as its small enough to fit on the WR703N.

I keep running into issues with bridging with tethering there. My goal is to connect one nano router to the pineapple, join my wlan (works, i can ping google etc) and bridge its connection to the pineapple. The last part is not working, i can't get it to bridge, the pineapple remains offline.

Anyone here able to tell me how to edit my /etc/config/ files to make that work?

- What options do i set in network/wireless/firewall?

- Is there anything i need to do on the pineapple? As far as i know, it expects internet via eth0, and works fine when i connect it through my netbook (backtrack)

- Anything i need to run through iptables/route?

- Tried adjusting the wp4.sh to do the magic for me on the nano router, didn't get it to work :-/


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