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Crowd source funding needed - Fire Relief Fund


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So my friend Phil, who's been injured on his last job, unemployed, and working from his parents back yard for the past three years building his business, just lost everything due to a fire. He made all of his tools by hand, hand planers, wood and metal working tools, and he was in the business of chair caning, furniture repair, bike and car restorations as well as recently building surfboards, old school style, hand shaped boards.

All of his shops(basically giant sheds) on his parents property went up in flames. All his tools, supplies, everything he was working on, ready to be sold, etc, is all gone. He pretty much called me today to say goodbye. He is def the type to do what he says, and said he was heading down to Strathmere to paddle out to the ocean as far as he can go till he passed out and packing it in.

So, I got a hold of another friend to try and cut him off and get to him, but in the meantime, I setup a gofundme page to raise money to help him pay loans, debt, and buy some new tools to get restarted. Still have to try and get a hold of his parents, but in the meantime, I don't know what else to do, but if anyone would like to contribute, $5,$20, anything, you're welcome to donate and much appreciated.



- DigiP

p.s. - thanks in advance to anyone who shares the link, tweets, facebooks, shares and/or donates!!

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