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Can the pineapple trick a wifi repeater?


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Hi Guys,

Once again I have a real world application question. I'm currious if anyone has done this or has the answer for it.

Since a repeater is similar to a client, can the pineapple deauth a wifi repeater and trick it to connecting to the pineapple?

The environment I have in mind is a campus where the wifi is an open network, but somehow in this massive building you always have a good signal (I'm thinking they have placed a lot of repeaters around the place)

I'm currious because I have heard of some techs will daisy chain repeaters to stretch the coverage and if you could hook one, you could hook a large area, meaning a very large pool of potential amusement.

I look forward to your thoughts.

- SF

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It would be possible, yes - but very unlikely in this scenario.

Instead of being repeaters they are actually networked Wireless APs. The main reason for this is to not degrade the connection much. If you keep repeating you'll have a horrible connection in the end.

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