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ssh to pineapple through VM backtrack client and windows 7 host

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Here is the original thread which went on tangent from original topic.


Basically my setup is as such:

pineapple connected to windows 7 with ics enabled and working. I have backtrack as client on VM.

My goal: connect my pineapple using external wifi adapter to local AP ( with WAP) and be able to completely ditch the Ethernet cable.

Thanks for the help!

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Ok i tinkered around abit and got network manager to work. It had to be set to WAN in wireless settings.


config wifi-iface
option device 'radio1'
option network 'lan' <-------- Needs be wan!!
option mode 'sta'
option ssid 'DXXXXXX'
option key 'password'
option hidden '1'
option encryption 'psk2+tkip+aes'


Now i have connection to my AP and am able to ssh and http into pineapple.

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