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Bad grammer strikes again. There are war driving aps for all platforms ios android linux. The fishing thing was a sidebar humor.It scans the wifis in the area uses gps on phone. Many will put into a csv file or kml file. Use gis software or google earth. Gives someone a bad idea of who is and who shold never be snooping out for vulerable Thoes guys nailed it in 1405. Also gives you an oportunity to sniff and see what people do on other peoples networks.

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kml files is a goggle earth data file. lat/lon = gps. war driving software can use gps coordinates. Cell phones have wifi and gps. the data is exported into a file which mapping software can use. It creates little dots on a map where each access point is. different color for wep,wpa and open. 1405 darren talked about open vpn hit the nail on the head.

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Wow, I'm really hoping this is just a google translate issue. The info is there, just not formatted in an easy to understand fashion. I understand the KML file part, most wardriving apps export to KML which will let you see your drives on google maps, or even google earth. I just don't see what the openvpn part has to do with the other.

As an example, here's my old stomping grounds.


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Folks go to goolge play type in war driving wiggle will come up. Itunes type in war driving something will come up.

Search google for a linux war driving setup. What you can do is save the data in some sort of text file. SSID BSSID wep wpa wps

lat long as a .csv file. Even a kml file. It is so simple google and many other people can do this. I am going to setup a vpn as they

they did in episode 1405. In case i have to go any where like a coffee shop even at work where there is public wifi. I also have one on a different public IP address. Locked down wpa. Cover my ass. As ozzy and black sabath said I am paranoid. Maybe I am, Nothing is secure darrren you guys nailed it.

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