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Time Syncing


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Hey guys, in the field I work we do our work time online via the company's intranet. We work 8-5 and for the longest we were allowed to enter our time 0800-1200/1300-1700. We have to use military time. That is a typical work day stating we were able to get a lunch and if we did we did we took it when we were able to.

Now they want us to enter time worked minute for minute and the biggest thing is remembering "what time" we took our lunch if we get one. It's become a problem for most of us as we don't really care to have to write it down on paper and try to remember where that paper is, etc.

My question is, is there an app or something you guys might suggest that say we can "check-in" that will timestamp, etc. I work in the service industry and have a symbol device similar to UPS and we have "statusing" so we status when we take our lunch, what were doing etc. Problem is there is no way to go back and see any history of our statusing. So I'm curious if there is a smartphone app or even something I could run on a pc to sync with my phone to "check in" if that makes sense. Something I can reference.

I currently use notepad on my iphone or android device, but I gotta type date, time, etc. I'm trying to avoid doing all that. ANY advice is greatly appreciated!


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1st thought: if you dial a non-existent number, the phone-book history will record all the times and dates you attempted to call that number.

in app store search: time keeper

for many time keeping apps (some free , some paid), theres got to be something handy for you there.

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Tell your work to come up with key card, swipe in and out to record time worked, or setup a computer app for all employees to login and out. I've used both at two different work places and its automated. To make an employee have to manually enter times, is ridiculous. Not to mention there are systems designed for collecting login/out times where each employee is assigned an ID and password, so no one can mess with your hours, and this is what they forced on us when I worked at the bank. It should be the companies job to implement a system for employees, vs making you enter them manually. What kind of work do you do and where do you work that they rely on such an archaic system?

They still sell time clocks too. A punch card time clock would work just as easily for employees but be hell on payroll department. They want to make it hard on employees, shit, try using punch cards to have payroll calculate everyones hours, they'll want something automated real quick... Its 2013. They need to build an automated system and get with the times that just works and does the accounting for them.



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Thanks guys. You've given me some ideas here. I wasn't exactly sure what to google for, but now I think I can find something. I work for the cable company as a service tech. The thing is we have symbol devices that everything is automatically logged via the companys application we use. We have to "status" ourselves basically when in route to a home, when we arrive, when we are on hold with our dispatch, lunch, etc. So all that is already logged, but we have no way to go back and reference our times.

None of us like manually entering our times nor writing it down on paper trying to remember and save documents. I can set something up at home on a server for all of the guys to use if possible. I'm going to do some digging around with this later this evening.

Thanks again.

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