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First off hi im mike, i am a newbie when it comes to computing i have much to learn :D.

I am doing a course at college dealing with system support etc.

But we have been messing around with the old pc's and they have network accounts set up etc, so trying to connect with no network connection is hard :p but our tutor says we should reinstall windows, to gain access to the pc.

Now i dont think this is right their must be a way around this.

The only way i could think of is safe mode but it still prompts for a password.

So any help would be great.

p.s. love your show.

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Hmmm... i think you need to put a password on the Administrator account, which in a off the shelf XP install is usuall left blank. If you look for admin tools -> computer management -> local users & groups -> users, you'll see the adminstator account (Built-in account for administering the computer/domain), right click on it an set a password.

Hirens bootCD is basically a collection of tools, the important section in this case being the NT password changers. With these you can either remove or change a password for a specific account. So i think, but i don't have a regular XP box to hand (mine asks for a password whatever way you try and log on), that you can use this to set the adminstrator account to whatever you want.

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I have no clue but being previously on a network, would their actually be a account setup up on the computers.

I would of thought that all the accounts would of previously of been on a remote server, and nothing on the computer its self, but thinking of it when installing your windows you set up a administrator account so i take it i will be going for that, and then changing the password?

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Depends if it was on ActiveDirectory or not. I not clued up enough about this to be sure, but my money is on the machine having a local admin account you can take control of via hirens boot CD. Have a google because i'm sure there is something on hirens that can get you local access on a AD powered system. And if not, just use a linux liveCD to gain access to the machines disks, you won't have control over windows, but you will be able to get anything you want from the hard disks.

If you reinstall the thing, of course you will have access to it, you set it up.

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