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Help in Creating my own Wifi Pineapple MARK IV.


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Hello Hak5 members! - Sorry for my English.

The Hakshop pruducts are really great!

but the prices with shipping to my country are extremely high. (its about 600 in my country)

Im also see that your products is open source so this is what afford me to make my own. :)

For example I see the usb rubber ducky and I buy the Teensy 3.0.

Now I see the Pineapple Mark IV.

I figured out it using the "Alfa AP121U" that cost about 50$ with free shipping on ebay.


Before I order it I want to ensure I have all the tools to make myself a Wifi pineapple.

so I looked at this guide:


I figured out I need to use this:


I cant find it on ebay.

but I look at this:


Can I flash with this the pineapple firmware?

do I must a serial cable?

or I can connect with ssh over the upnp RJ45 connection in the router?

and if I must a serial cable can I use this?


if I need to use it, how actually I connect it?

do I need to deassmble the ALFA router? (open the cover and connect the serial to usb jack?)

I would like to have a full step by step guide for dummies, including how to connect to the serial port.


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Hey dor_g,

To answer your questions:

Yes, you can make your own.

Yes, you NEED a serial cable. Amazon and ebay carry them in most countries I have checked for. USB serial UART (3v).

No, you cannot use just the Ethernet port. You will however need to use it while connected over serial.

Finally, yes, you can flash the hornet-ub with the Pineapple firmware.

I saw you posted a link to the jpgottech website - I have heard in other threads here that they have gotten scammed by that website. Just something to keep in mind - just in case.

In regards to the step by step guide, our website has that or as Mr-Protocol posted, he explains it well there too.

Best Regards,


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Ho my bad I think the hornet-ub its what shows in the video in the left side (the board that connected with the serial port)

now if you can help me..

how exacly I dissamble the alfa router to reveal the motherboard and connect it trouth the serial to usb device?

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