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Can't connect my face book even though I am logged on in the next tab Keep getting error


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Can't connect my facebook to my profile even though I am logged on in the next tab Keep getting errors. Also I cannot connect a picture because It says my profile is disabled. What Have I done to diserve this. This place does not seem frendly to its new patrans. My rubber Ducky encoding is not working when plugged in either. For a place that is supose to be Elite its seems to come with a lot of problems, I did not have this much trouble at my Occupy protests, See what you guys can do for me or the duck goes back. The pineapple works ok as soon as I learned thet just using the ip address alone does not work untill you put a port number next to it, You should update your instructions, It tells you to use the IP address with out the port number and that sure does not work. I am having to do too much background work and fighting to get the equipment to work and not getting to spend to much time having fun. You guys just need better instructions and support.

Thats my rant so how can I get some good customer support being a good paying customer? Hope I do not have to start calling on the phone.

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Hey KingHackR and welcome to the forums.

First of all, your profile isn't disabled but you don't have enough posts to have the active member status.

I bumped your status up so that you can connect your accounts.

Anyway, to your Rubber ducky issues, I suggest you make a post on the rubber ducky forum. I saw you replied to a topic there but if you think it is appropriate, I suggest you make a new topic specific to your issue. If you have issues, you can always contact the hakshop.

About the Pineapple - you are right, we need to update the book. However as I am sure you have noticed, the port change information is easy to find :)

I am sorry you are having a hard time getting your tools to work - I hope that any issues you may have now get resolved asap.

Worst case, the hakshop is the official route for support or returns.

Best Regards,


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Thanks for your kind response I work in the telecom communications industry for over thirty years and we do get parts that do not work correctly right out of the box all the time so I understand that sometimes either something was non configured correctly or a issue update is required and sometimes this are just broken. Thanks for updating my profile I will connect my Facebook to this account as soon as I can.

I will put up a new post on the rubber ducky as soon as I can or just call. my problem it that I work nights and most of the day I am sleeping and that only leaves me a short window to contact businesses when I wake. thanks again :-)

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