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ssdler + rtorrent + showrss.karmorra.info = Automatically download torrents with rtorrent and RSS feeds

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root@ubuntu:/usr/share/rssdler042/config# cat config.txt


downloadDir = /usr/share/rssdler042/config/

workingDir = /usr/share/rssdler042/config

log = 5

logFile = /usr/share/rssdler042/config/downloads.log

verbose = 5

cookieFile = /usr/share/rssdler042/config/cookies.txt

cookieType = MozillaCookieJar

scanMins = 10

sleepTime = 2

runOnce = True

urllib = True


link = http://showrss.karmorra.info/rss.php?user_id=126337&hd=1&proper=1&namespaces=true

regExTrue = \d[^\d]+\d

regExFalse = (nrg|ccd)

download1 = .

download1True = False

Example .rtorrent.rc rtorrent file :

cat ~/.rtorrent.rc

schedule = watch_directory,5,5,load_start=/home/mythtv/downloads/complete/RTORRENT/*.torrent

session = ~/.session

upload_rate = 70

port_range = 55556-55660

directory = /home/mythtv/downloads/complete/RTORRENT/

Example loop Script:

#rm downloads.log savedstate.dat daemon.info

rssdler -r -c /usr/share/rssdler042/config/config.txt

chmod 755 *.torrent

move *.torrent /home/mythtv/downloads/complete/RTORRENT/

Example output:

root@ubuntu:/usr/share/rssdler042/config# rssdler -r -c /usr/share/rssdler042/config/config.txt

INFO --- RSSDler 0.4.2

DEBUG writing daemonInfo

INFO [Waking up] Mon Apr 1 18:02:45 2013

DEBUG checking working dir, maybe changing dir

INFO Scanning threads

INFO finding new downloads in thread somesite

DEBUG encoding url http://showrss.karmorra.info/rss.php?user_id=126337&hd=1&proper=1&namespaces=true

DEBUG testing cookieFile settings

DEBUG attempting to load cookie type: MozillaCookieJar

DEBUG building and installing urllib opener without cookies

DEBUG grabbing page at url http://showrss.karmorra.info/rss.php?user_id=126337&hd=1&proper=1&namespaces=true

DEBUG setting ttl

DEBUG unQuoteReQuote http://showrss.karmorra.info/r/6f4892260da9069324c94ae5d8d79a38.torrent

DEBUG already downloaded http://showrss.karmorra.info/r/6f4892260da9069324c94ae5d8d79a38.torrent

DEBUG unQuoteReQuote http://showrss.karmorra.info/r/373406b558b5c4f8710ad2d259ffa9dc.torrent

DEBUG already downloaded http://showrss.karmorra.info/r/373406b558b5c4f8710ad2d259ffa9dc.torrent

DEBUG unQuoteReQuote http://showrss.karmorra.info/r/da4397ed9df9f2475d36609c66205a26.torrent

DEBUG already downloaded http://showrss.karmorra.info/r/da4397ed9df9f2475d36609c66205a26.torrent

DEBUG unQuoteReQuote http://showrss.karmorra.info/r/e2bf65b44ac8da445b6080c15466fb9a.torrent

DEBUG already downloaded http://showrss.karmorra.info/r/e2bf65b44ac8da445b6080c15466fb9a.torrent

DEBUG unQuoteReQuote http://showrss.karmorra.info/r/15ab8999ac01fc4b7a75a9ced74e8127.torrent

DEBUG already downloaded http://showrss.karmorra.info/r/15ab8999ac01fc4b7a75a9ced74e8127.torrent

INFO Processing took 2 seconds

INFO [Complete] Mon Apr 1 18:02:48 2013

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