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Noscript vs adblock


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Hey Guys,

I was wondering what the differences were between noscript and adblock? They kind of do the same thing. Blocking ads, protecting your privacy, etc.... Why would I use one over the other? Adblock Plus can easily disable all tracking, and browse the web truly anonymously. Noscript blocks browser plugins and javascript which doesn't block ads inherently but since ads rely on this the ads are blocked. I have found that noscript doesn't block some ads that adblock does. So why the differences? Should I use both? Is it redundant to use both? Sorry for the dumb question. It's just that they seem to do the same core thing.

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Well, you kind of answered it yourself ;)

Adblock is for ads. It is updated regularly to ensure all those pesky adds dissappear. It doesn't stop potentially malicious scripts running. Just ads.

Notscript on the other hand just disables all scrips except for the ones you have allowed. That way, if you visit a new page, you first need to allow scripts before they run.

Using notscript is a great idea. Add Adblock if ads annoy you ;)

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