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I am very new, I just recieved my pineapple in the mail yesterday and I am having a blast playing with it.

Anyways my question which for some reason I couldn't find in a forum search. Can you perform WEP or WPA cracks using the pineapple to crack Wifi encryption?

I noticed on sitemonitor you can deauth connections and capture (which i assume is a handshack). However I dont see a tool to start the crack, if possible..

Well anyways thanks in advance. Like I said im still very new and just started playing w/ backtrack and now the pineapple.

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To crack WEP you can use the aircrack suit. This is included on the pineapple and is accessible over the CLI (via SSH). This would probably be a neat infusion to have too but it doesn't exist yet.

To crack WPA, you can either capture enough data and then attempt to crack (don't do this on the pineapple - it would take forever). Or, if the WPA ap has WPS there is a good chance you can crack it using reaver.

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