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*Solid* Red LED On New Ducky

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Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening,

About 2-3 weeks ago I received my Ducky. I unpacked everything.

I took the following steps / got the following results:
1) Formatted the stock 256MB MicroSD card as FAT.

2) Inserted with no code in Duck.

3) Solid red LED comes on immediately.

4) Removed MicroSD, put in carrier, copied "Hello World!" to card. Reinserted in Duck,

5) Still solid red LED.

6) Tried every other available format - FAT32, exFAT(?), NTFS, no go.

7) Tried a name brand (Sans Disk) 8GB MicroSD.

8) Repeated steps 1-4, same result.

I get the red LED with or without a card inserted, formatted in any format, with or without the stock "Hello World" script.

I contacted Hak5 shop, they replied with what seemed to be "sympathetic boilerplate" - extending regrets for my issues but advising me they don't do tech support and referred me to this forum. Soooo, here I am! B)

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, etc.? Or should I call it quits and return the Duck to Hak5 for replacement? :(



P.S.: I should probably add: I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, if that matters (I suspect it doesn't really, but if I knew what the prolem & fix were, you wouldn't be reading this! ;-P )

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I'd say try plug it into another machine, if same thing happens, send back for exchange for possibly shorted device. I;ve got one bad port on the front of my computer, that fries USB devices, the one next to it does not, so its possible it was damaged when inserted for the first time, but also quite possible its just a dud. Either way, they are usually pretty good about refunds and exchanges, if you send it back, I imagine you'd get a new one in exchange.

Just know, the store they sell through, is a merchant, so there is the stores customer service, which is for the store site, and then there is Hak5 and crew, which probably aren't the ones who you spoke to, but I can't confirm that. Easiest thing to do is email feedback @ hak5.org or one of the crews email, like snubs, who is usually on top of store stuff like white on rice and would probably be happy to help.

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The red light means the sdcard is not mounted.

Either a faulty sdcard or a faulty sdcard adapter on the duck, if a new card does not work I advise using the return policy.

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