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little Bash problem


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hi all

i have a little problem with this home brew script of mine.

i'm trying to build a script that pipes Crunch to Aircrack

but the first loop doesn't exit am i doing something wrong?

# capncrunch is a script to simplify using crunch and aircrack in one pipe


#get minimum number of chars
until [ "$minlengt" -ge 1 ] ; do
echo -n "enter the minimum password length and press [ENTER]: "; read minlength
#echo " the number entered is: " $minlength;
if [ "$minlength" -lt 1 ] ; then
	echo " minimum lenght cannot be 0"

# get maximum number of chars
until [ "$maxlength"-ge"$minlength" ]; do
echo -n "enter the maximum password length and press [ENTER]: "; read maxlength
if [ "$maxlength"-lt"$minlength" ] ; then
	echo "maximum length must be equal or larger than minimum length"

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