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You guys rock and interesting topics.


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I want to say you guys rock. You shined a new light on how to subnet.

I put things into one post to save time. Networking and Security you learn about people and psycology. Even linux is a way to learn how people think. It is just like people in other fields. I had a employee who hid several things from us. While she was working turns out I had to get rid of the employee. Long story drinking on the job being drunk in a bar. People try to hide things. She had no online identity. Most people do. If I was doing some thing with a computer and I wanted to keep away from people I would try everything to hide and not have an online identity. With linux there is something I have not figured it out.

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I am not knocking people who pay as you go for a phone. But that and trying to hide on social networking should be a flag. I dont know if this means anything the person has an area code on their phone which is on the other side of the country. Can change the number if needed. Does not need a bank or credit card there are ways around this. I dont know if these are hints anything is wrong. Is this similar to computer crime.

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Have you ever used Maltego? It always amazes me how little people think "the internet" knows about them. Just like the Dvervr of Moria or Erebor, you never know what you'll find if you data-mine deep enough.

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