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Homebrew wifi dish using signal king adapter?


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Hi guys! Out of curiosity, I have a signal king 950wn with both a directional and 2 omni directional antennas on it. The box claims it has 48 dbi but we all know that's a lie. Regardless it was cheap "weather proof" and has the Ralink 3070 driver so it's backtrack ready. Anyway my question is if it was mounted on to a tv satilite dish could I turn this cheap little adapter into a long range directional wifi receiver? Here is a link to it here (sorry in advance if links are not allowed here)


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Slightly off topic, but as for your 48dbi I find it amazing how antenna manufacturers never quote dbd but always dbi. Although dbi does have a formula for working it out, in the real world it means nothing! dbd however uses the reference of a dipole (a basic half wave) to compare against thus giving you an idea on real gain.

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Said something about this in another post, saw your post and thought it'd help here too..


Its smaller then what you might be looking for, but I'd bet you can get at least a 1/4 mile range. Probably more with line of site and some experimenting.

To get a longer cone shaped range, use the antenna you have on hand and get a wire mesh noodle strainer.

They are a $1 at the dollar store.

cut a 2 holes in the noodle strainer, maybe 1' away from the base or bottom of the screen.

I think a good rule of thumb would be to make sure the middle of the antenna is in the cone of the noodle strainer.

Your basic poor mans parabolic dish...for a $1.


here's a different version of it from a trusted source:


(just look 7 posts down)

Google homemade parabolic dishes:


sorry for not posting an original picture. I can always get one from the store and show you if you want, just dont have one on hand.

Promise you one thing though, your range will get some pretty damn good range with this.. So happy hunting ;p or phishing dare I say ;P

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