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Warning toshiba laptop question over heating


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What is the best way to deal with this. First thing I am going to do is blow the dust out of it. Do I have to send it back to them. Can I tell my friend to get a cooling pad. Will this put a band aid on this? Darn it as someone walked into the office just now I asked his if he had a toshiba laptop that overheats he said yes. Grrrrr. What does this mean.

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What OS and do you have the BIOS set to ever turn fans off? Check the bios, might have fans set to disabled or ACPI, and if using linux, might not be turning them on, so might have to manually override and tell to active cool all the time. Could also be that the fan is just dirty or even failing, but thats something you'd have to debug on your own. Can of air in the port and see what happens, but just know, usually better to take apart, clean, then put back, since you can blow dust onto other components of the device if its not sealed properly, and you don't want dust reaching areas of the laptop it shouldn't be in.

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It depends as well on what you mean by "overheats". It is natural for laptops to get hot to the touch, especially if they are used for long periods of time. If they are used on someone's lap or soft fabric (duvet springs to mind) then they can get even hotter; but this is natural.

It is advised with any laptop to strip it down every so often, give it a blow out with a can of compressed air or a USB vacuum cleaner. If you do this, be careful when cleaning the dust off the fans that you turn the fan in the correct direction. Some laptop fans can cross-thread if spun the wrong way. If it "clicks" at all when you turn it the wrong way, don't continue and only spin it in the direction intended.

Rather than any internal problems, overheating is usually caused by improper laptop use and overuse. They're not designed to be kept on 24/7 (although I'm guilty of this, the only time I turn my laptop off is to travel with it). They're also designed to be used whilst lying on a flat surface. There are air intake holes on the underside of the chassis which if covered up will cause the laptop to heat up faster. This can also degrade battery performance by overheating the battery.

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