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Wireless dongle


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This could be done with off the shelf industrial safety equipment.

The one I currently use is as old as the hills, so I'm sure there newer and better units available (I think the manufacturer of mine is no longer) basically it is an RFID reader built into a power board and requires the operator to wear a RFID button, the reader looks for the button every few seconds, and if doesn't detect it, cuts the power. It also has a output to use as a trigger for an alarm etc.

I have seen a demonstration of similar gear, but works with fall arresters.

Could be hacked to trigger an electromagnet etc.

We also use on the farms a device that looks like a ID card, but has GSM or 3G connectivity and can we can track the operators, and its has options to send an email or SMS if the operator go horizontal or stops moving for a set period of time.

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Never would go for bluetooth. It has been shown to be insecure. So in theory the people could just hack in to your pc because you got bluetooth running. So your way of securing it makes your pc less secure.

RFID seems to be more secure.

Wasnt it 0x80 that showed a way to encrypt a disk by using a selected ammount of bytes from a usb-stick for the key ? and a usbkey is pretty simple to break or get lost :p

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@GuardMoony thats exactly the problem. I think I lost 2985043895903845493890 USB thumb drives since '01. I ring, unlike, a thumb drive is not easy to lose. The manufactures of NFCRING want everyone to dance to Boyce's ring song, btw. It's rumored that dongles are now ILLEGAL in the U.S. Anyone here know for sure?

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