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Tethering to PS3 with Andriod 4.2.2

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I have a question. I do not have wifi at home, I use my Tmobile Andriod Phone with unlimited data to go online. I am trying to tether my Andriod phone running, 4.2.2 to my PS3. Now I can tether to my PS3 but I get an Upsell page from Tmobile, and it wont let me connect to PSN. I can turn on tether on my phone, and connect my Andriod tablet, my Wii, and my computer using an Andriod User Agent switcher to go online, and it works great. What I would like to do, is get my PS3 to access the PSN. I have tried some different VPN options, but when I use a VPN on my phone, any device connected to it does not have internet access. The phone works fine, but thats it. I have used VPN on my laptop while tethered to my phone, and it works fine, a litte slow, but it works. Can I create a VPN on my PS3. I also have a WRT54G router running DDWRT, can I use that to somehow get my PS3 to get online. Please any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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