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Tools for a Windows Admin


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Hi Guys

I just want to know what tools and technics are you guys using as windows admin to tackel everyday works loads iin your enviroment and what recommendation that you have for me a person who is new at windows administration work.

  1. Tools for local and admin (Troubleshooting locally on PC)
  2. Tools for remote admin
  3. Tools for monitoring user activity on PC
  4. Tools for Network monitory
  5. and others

And yes can you guys provide some cool tools for helping making life easy with AD(Active Direcotry). my understanding of AD is very low as i have just started to work in an enterprise enviroment i am introduced to this windows NOS. If anyone is so kind to help with a few more information on AD and some tools to help make my life easy that will be so great.

cant wait for the feedback

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Hi :D
Try this [HTA] Computer Management Utility

It is basically 25 scripts in 1 and incorporates the following scripts:

  1. * Scan PCs in an IP range
  2. * Get a full inventory of a PC
  3. * Change Computer Description
  4. * Change Local Admin Password
  5. * Clean Temp Files
  6. * Clear Application Event Log
  7. * Copy Profile script completely rewritten for VB
  8. * Delete old user profiles (older than the number of days specified) This now also deletes user reg files.
  9. * View all Startup Items present on the PC and delete any entries as required
  10. * Enable / Disable IE Proxy
  11. * Enable / Disable RDP
  12. * Retrieve Microsoft product Keys
  13. * Run Comp Management
  14. * List all installed updates / hotfixes on PC in text file
  15. * Open any remote share (updated in 3.2)
  16. * Ping machine
  17. * Run PSExec command
  18. * Run Custom command
  19. * View all the processes on a PC and kill any as required
  20. * Retrieve a list of all System Restore points and optionally create a new one
  21. * Shutdown / restart / log off
  22. * View profiles on machine
  23. * Uninstall software (inc silent uninstalls if available) This will also monitor the uninstall and inform you when it is complete (as of update 3.2)
  24. * Interrogate Services - view all services and optionally Start / Stop / Restart / Enable / Disable any as required
  25. All of these can be done on any remote machine in your network, and the script will dynamically create your OUs and Root OU so it 'should' work straight out of the box! You are given the option to choose a PC out of all of the machines in your domain and then you can do with them as you wish.
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Trinity Rescue Toolkit. Really useful, especially if you put all of these boot CD's on a USB key. See project "USB Multipass" in Hak5 Forums.

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I've actually used 'XBOOT' and crafted my own multi-boot ISO with everything you can imagine in it. I have it on USB and it also has 'Pstart' on it with a couple hundred portable apps so I can use it within' a Windows environment as well :) I never leave home without it :)

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