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How to Get Darren's Firewall Fix Working (if still blocked)


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Darren made at least one segment about firewall avoidance. Basically he set up a dyanmic SOCKS5 proxy and then put the proxy in the browser, or at least that was my take away.

Using putty on a Windows host what do you do if you specify a dynamic proxy on port 111222 (or whatever port), connect via SSH as root with no problem, but get this error:

Error 130 (net::ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED): Proxy servre connection failed ?

Normally this network is such that you're on a local LAN that has no internet access. You have to connect to a special organizational proxy to reach the internet (and that proxy is the one with the offensive firewall). I assume that this is the problem (?). Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Basically you need an external site with shell access(SSH) such as your own domain or website with SSH capabilities, or even your home box if trying to connect from work or an internet cafe.

You setup putty, under Connection > SSH > Tunnels - setup a source port as Dynamic such as 7070 with host (localhost). Now, your browser, must be able to use a Socks5 proxy for this to work. Go into your browsers proxy settings and under Socks5, type and port 7070 as the port(not under http and other options, you must use SOCKS and if no socks option is listed, the browser you use, doesn't support it. Opera for example, only started supporting SOCKS 5 proxies somewhere around version 11).

Now Open putty, and SSH into your external server as normal, then open your browser, with Socks proxy enabled, and go to ipchicken.com and your IP should be that of the external server you SSH'ed into. From then on, the browser, will use the SSH tunnel to reach the web. Anyone local on the same lan as you, will only see encrypted traffic from your browser now and they won't be able to MITM attack you.

This only works to tunnel, on a per app basis that allows SOCKS proxies in the app, such as a browser, or app like uTorrent. If you want full, 100% all traffic, All apps encrypted from local lan out, through the networks firewall, you need a VPN service, witch routes all traffic through the VPN, given you can connect to it externally.

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I think I tried that pretty much exactly yesterday though and it didn't work for me. The problem is that while my firewall will allow the SSH tunnel itself it will NOT allow browser traffic going over the connection. I'm not precisely sure how that's possible, but I believe it's because normally I put the corporate proxy in PuTTY where we are specifying the dynamic proxy, then I connect to SSH with my settings in "Session" (within PuTTY). But if I specify a dynamic proxy instead of the corporate proxy in PuTTY it apparently still lets me SSH but putting my own proxy into Chrome just gives me that error above.

Maybe I'm getting confused. I can add censored screenshots to this later.

I think I may have had an idea though. In order to get a curl command past the firewall I had to apply the corporate proxy to the command shell using Ruby. Maybe I can use Ruby to do the same thing with Chrome and then do everything else the way you and Darren said to do it...

maybe im just confused tho idk

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