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Screen Sectioning in Windows 7


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Hi guys i dont remember what was that program where you can sectionallise the desktop to place different program windows and its a justable

i remember it was in on of the epesiods but i dont remember

its similar to GridVista

any ideas dont remember any help please

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Not sure if your talking about icon grouping, or just window casting, which is built into 7, by holding any window near an wsge half off screen, top, bottom, left, right, will attach a window to the side and can then be resized.

The tiling app for grouping icons though, is not a built in feature but I do recall seeing it used, just forget its name. Stardock makes a tool called Fences, but I don't think its free. http://www.stardock.com/products/fences/

Could try googling for a "windows 7 fences alternative". Might be a freeware, portable apps, source forge or git tool to do the same thing.

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Thanks digip

i have been trying to find that program and have finally found it

Its called GridMove

Yes i use all those programs like fences for grouping my icons and anoither program i love is called Switcher its like the the mac windows switcher.

but now i have all the apps i need to do my multitasking perpose.

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I used to use Fences, but it didn't seem to persist well through impromptu shutdowns. Sometimes all the icons would switch around or detach from the fence. I'd love to find a progman.exe shell for Win7; get some good old Win3.11 style back. :)

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