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been waiting for this thread. why won't anyone else post pics of their toolkit?

I used to carry all this around in a computer bag with an acer netbook

now I have these:
and I just get mezmorized by this one (it's an inside shot of everything packed into the pelican case and powered on...
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Omfg! I want one.

Petertfm, I know you are salivating. You see, guys, petertfm has palotovs dog syndrome when it comes to good pineapple enclosures.. .


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Omfg! I want one.

Petertfm, I know you are salivating. You see, guys, petertfm has palotovs dog syndrome when it comes to good pineapple enclosures.. .


Yes, really nice config. A question. When you use usb hub, you connect all: usb hub to pineapple, usb pendrive, 3g bundle, and start the energy? The usb pendrive swap partition always mount as sda2?

I got a proble, I dont know why, all runs ok, but later the swap partition desappear. I dont know if is a energy problem (i dont think so, I use a Ankor3 Astro) or if is the pendrive, but when I use the pendrive alone in the pineapple usb works fine.

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I'm testing now. But I think I just got 2 pineapples in tango-mode, a 4gb usb, 598u 3/4g modem, and a 24,000mah battery pack all crammed into a pelican case.

Will post pics...

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Don't be too critical here, this is my first go and I'm still pretty new.

- Pelican 1150

- 2x pineapple. (bought the boards from data-alliance and flashed them myself)

- 8gb sandisk cruiser

- anker usb hub

- Alfa NHA

- iSound 16000mah usb battery

- Huawei E368 3g modem

PIne#1 is connected to the internet via alfa or 3g with the internal radio free to deauth. Pine #2 running Karma. This IS working in tango mode, however the 3g modem is still a little flaky. When I use the Alfa to connect to an existing network, it's pretty reliable.

Most of what I've done here was with the help of tutorials here in the forums.

Again, This is my first go and a trial run. When I get everything positioned and working how I want it, I'm going to clean it up and make it a little more user friendly.



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Office photocopier power filter/surge suppressor used to hide a wi-fi pineapple.

These are available on eBay for about $20.


The "Do Not Remove" warning is perfect.

Additional pictures and details can be found at http://wirefall.com/archives/207

Can you post a link where you got yours, thanks

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Jesus, sygo!

Plus 50 points. Out of my league, but still my favorite.

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Hey guys :)

Here i have:


2x 5dbi Antennas (HakShop)

2x RP-SMA male to female Right Angle RF Connector Adapter (Ebay)

2x DC Power Plug Connector 90 Degree Right Angle 5.5X2.1mm (Ebay)

1x Mini USB 5P Left Angle Male Cord to USB A Male Right Angle (Ebay)

1x Alfa Usb WiFi AWUS036NHA (HakShop)

1x WiFi Pineapple Mark IV (HakShop)

1x Anker 10000mah Battery (UK Amazon)

The setup goes like this:


And all goes in here :




Sorry for the long post

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Thank you Seb.

A second pineapple i think would not fit, not with their cases on. But it's all i need for my testing. I am running karma on the pineapple and the jammer infusion on the nha. I could use a much smaller battery ( the anker gives me 13-14 hours with this setup, i only need 3-4).

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Or, the pineapple could be used to connect to an Access Point with an exteranl Alfa hooked up and then allow users connecting to the pinapple access to that other wifis internet. Essentially Pinapple in the middle...

Hypothetically a malicious user could use reaver to gain access to a neighbors wireless router, the Alpha (wlan1) hooked up to the pineapple would then be used to connect to that neighbors Access Point. Then they would bridge the the Pineapples internal wifi (wlan0) over to wlan1 via the ICS tab and basically share the neighbors wifi using the pineapples SSID. That can cause all kinds of problems for your neighbor or the people getting internet through the pineapple....

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yeah i just have the awus036nha and the awus036h , i just want to find a use for them really.... thanx for the info btw ,i played with that reaver when it first came out , has it improved much ? back then it took really long to get into a network using it

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Reaver can still take quite a while... But, with the right antenna and an amplifier, speeds can be improved. It really depends on the router you're trying to access.

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I took a bit of a different twist on mine for a variety of reasons. I have the weatherproof pelican kit but I've yet to face a need to stash my kit on a roof, and to be honest I hate the torque it put on the cables and connectors. It always felt like something was about to snap off. With that in mind my requirements were:

- I do a lot of penetration testing in corporate environments so I needed something that would blend in while still letting me have easy access to it.

- It would also let me conceal and leave it behind in a pinch.

- While having the operational nifty kit was great, I also wanted to be able to bring the entire load of extras with it. (cables, power supplies, etc)

With that in mind, I used one of my skooba binders (http://www.amazon.com/Skooba-R750-300-Cable-Stable-Black/dp/B003D0ID8U) and came up with the following:


Pineapple in full ops mode. Cable management allows it to be closed and opened easily with no pressure on cables or connectors. Web management via ipad.


Just showing closed but still operational. Switched control to ipad and issh.


Just showing a profile. About the same height and width of the ipad but about three times as thick. Easily fits in a backpack or messenger bag, and it could be stashed on a bookshelf or such without drawing notice.


Travel mode. All the pineapple gear including charges and random cables. I think I'm ready for my Blackhat/DefCon trip.

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