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The hello Thread


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more yays for:







welcome! Make sure you guys check out the wiki. Contribute to a page,start a mini project release the techolust inside....

ooo thats enough cheer leading from me now

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1:10: error: #include expects "FILENAME" or <FILENAME>

3: warning: return type defaults to 'int'

In function 'main':

warning: implicit declaration of function 'printf'

warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function 'printf'

You should be ashamed of yourself.

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Hello there.

I'm new on the forums as a registerd user. But I have been lurking on it for quite a while. And after the lastest and greatest episode, I figured hey why not register myself here. I even tried to sent a email to the feedback adress, but I was in suchs a state that writing wasn't going that good. All was blurry, damn Vodka. Anyway I really like the community, and of course the show.

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