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Experimenting With Tropical Fruit

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How do you enjoy your pineapple? What is your favorite feature of the pineapple or the module that you enjoy the most when pen testing your own private network?

I am currently in the process of getting my mk iv set up and just learning of all the possibilities and potential it holds when it comes to testing the vulnerabilities of my own personal network at home... anyways Im curious to hear what some of you guys have fun with and what you would recommend me looking into? I hope to have some stuff to share with you all soon, but until then I have a lot of learning and experimenting to do! :D

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Hah nice, Im going to check some more info out about it... hey kind of off topic, but the wifi card in my 2008 macbook is absolute rubbish, im thinking about ordering the alfa card next that supports a/b/g/n... do you know how i would use it in conjunction with my pineapple? Ive read about it piggybacking somehow but I dont quite get how it would supply the pineapple with an internet connection...

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Right, Ya Ive done all of that and have successfully connected to the pineapple gui where I can make all my changes and enable different services. I was just wondering where the ALFA card comes into play? Like what advantages would one have for using it in conjunction with the pineapple... Thanks for all your input much appreciated :)

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I´m no to expert yet in this, but you can use the alpha to make a wiffijammer and force the connection to the pineapple wlan; you can use the alfa to connect the pineapple to internet too, etc...

For better experience the best is use a usb hub, because for example you can do this:

- Airport with wifi.

- Pineapple connected to the airport wifi via alfa.

- Pineapple making connections via wlan0

- Modules on USB doing they job.

Understand? My english is not so good.

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