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wp4.sh 404 not found

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Hey guys,

Im currently in the process of preparing my pineapple and I am facing some difficulty with wgetting the wp4.sh file from wifipineapple.com.

I have tried the process recommended in the quickstart guide on cloud.wifipineapple.com and in my terminal I receive a "HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found 2013-03-12 16:55:54 ERROR 404: Not Found." message. I have also tried typing the address into my web browser and searching online for the file as well as the forums.

Does anyone have any information in regards to this or where I may get the file? Any information would be appreciated and I really look forward to being able to contribute what I can to these forums :)

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Awesome! Thank you very much for the quick response :) Hey this question may be a little too much on the neurotic side, but is there any precautions I should take when powering down the mark iv. or is just unplugging it from the wall or juice pack fine?

I usually execute 'halt' and leave it for about 40 secs

then unplug :)


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