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The results are in summary of my posts.


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The results are in summary of my posts.
From excessive wikipeida and some google searching and general queries this is what I came up with. Sometimes Wikipedia is better than google.
I like htc wild fire for phone.
I found 3 substitutes for rdp that are secure.
team viewer
isl light
Real vnc
screen connect

My take on the groupon thing in the restaurant I work at just put a
desktop pc with the groupon merchant site up at the front of the

Opinion on the shows. Android is good, install
and play around with the sdk. Root an android device. Put ubuntu on an
android tablet. get rid of bloat ware on android and apple devices for
that matter. Create 10 digit rainbow tables with the first 3 the same
combination for the whole table a phone number table. Talk about bring
your own device applies to apple and android devices. Pimping out old
hardware create a dev box. A pc used as an internet kiosk for trolls I
mean employees.
Comand line basics works for linux mac and android.
Network policy what you are legaly responsible for. The banner motd.
"this is my company network. non company access is prohibited" cover
your ass. Tips on network cablin cat 6. DDWRT. THATS ALLno funny stuff
or jokes.

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