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Acess a windows box on the network


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Depends on the machines setup and if on same lan or behind NAT. If on the same lan, and the box has RDP enabled, you can just mstsc into it over RDP or use rdesktop via linux. You need to know its IP.

If its behind NAT, it becomes a bit trickier, and if port forwarding isn't setup or RDP enabled, you'd need an attack such as luring the user to a site to exploit the box and take control.

If RDP is not enabled but you are on the same LAN, you can try a null session, but most likely won't work depending on the version of windows and services setup on the machine. You could try psexec since you have the username and password, and get a command shell on the box, but also might run into issues with Win Vista/7 and later due to UAC, and not sure if psexec gets a propmpt from UAC(haven't tried so not sure)

Other option, Metasploit your way in or get the user to open a packed PDF or webpage that lets you in.

Now, if this is your home network, and you want remote to another machine you own, just enable RDP on the other box and use mstsc or rdesktop to remote into it with the credentials. I used to have a bat script, that when ran, enabled all services and firewall rules for you, but I'd have to find it. Right click my computer, get properties, and click remote settings if Win7. If XP, its under control panel and advanced settings then remote settings. Add a user(ie the admin account on the machine) and this enables RDP, then remote into the machine.

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