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Kon-boot v2.1 doesn't work in Windows 7/8 64bit?


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I have two laptop, one with win 7(64bit) and the other with win 8(64 bit). When I tried using kon-boot v2.1 commercial with CD and USB, they both give me the same problem, the problem is it gets stuck in the kon-boot logo screen, It says Booting up!- EOT.... Reading Orginal Sector... and just hangs there. Anyone got a solution to this and help me thanks.

Oh but it works in my windows xp on pc 32bit. it gets past the kon-boot logo screen. anyone know how to get it to working on win7/8? thanks

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I didn't think Konboot ever worked on Windows 7, regardless of architecture. I've never seen it work anyway.

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Windows 8 probably not if using UEFI, but on Windows 7 they made two versions. One for 32bit and one for 64bit kernel bypass, but I think they started charging for Win7 64bit one. Not sure. Snubs did an episode on the 64bit issues before I think.

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Kon-Boot should work just fine on these OS's that it supports.

  • Microsoft Windows XP 32Bit/64Bit (all versions since SP2)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 32Bit/64Bit (all versions)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 32Bit/64Bit (all versions)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista 32Bit/64Bit (all versions)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 32Bit/64Bit (all version)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 32Bit/64Bit (all versions, only standard BIOS support - no EFI)

I have personally used it just fine on Windows XP SP2 x86,Windows Vista Ultimate x64,Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and Windows 8/Pro x64 non-EFI Bios.

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