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AWUS036H + Backtrack 5r3 + Pineapple Mark IV - questions before purchase!


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Hey guys,

New to these forums. I'm thinking of picking up the mark iv, but I have a handful of questions before I make my decision. I have looked up the info, searched the forums, read the guides I could find, and still feel that I should ask these questions because I'm unsure.

At the moment, I pretty much use BT5 r3 for pentesting my own network. I use my AWUS036H for my wifi connection or sometimes just keep it as eth0 (internal) if I don't have the AWUS036H plugged in.

I would prefer to tether my computer to the pineapple for ICS. That is, from what I understand, I need to have connected to a wifi connection or gained internet access from any outside source so that the mark iv can actually work (unless I decided to use a 3g usb or android tethering).

Is this correct?

Also, if I use my AWUS036H for wifi on BT5 R3, will I be able to share that connection with the pineapple mark iv?

The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to test out the Backtrack suite of tools within my pineapple access point (SET, wireshark, ettercap, etc.). Does anyone know if this works well?

Any recommendations on whether to get the standard, pro, or elite? Is the rechargeable battery worth it? What is the USB Power charger for in that case? Is it worth getting the elite or pro over standard?

Thanks ahead of time gents!

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In my case works fine, only thtat BT5 R3 Wicd has some issues with ICS with the pineapple.

Thank you for your response!

How bad is the WICD issue? Any workarounds / solutions? Would / should this deter me from purchasing a mark iv?

Again, thank you for your response!

Anyone else have information to add, even in regards to my other questions as well?

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Wicd is a network manager they use on BT5. When setting up ICS, it attempts to over-ride the settings. It can be disabled pretty painlessly.

Thank you for the reply.

Right, I just realized I wouldn't need WICD if I were using the pineapple. just a quick /etc/init.d/wicd stop will make things work, I'm assuming.

The ICS set up using pineapple would be with the wp4 script? I believe that's what it was called.

Anyways, other than that, everything works fine? ICS and all? Does the connection slow very much considering?

What about standard/pro/elite recommendations?

Again, thanks for the reply!

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Thanks for the reply!

Anyone have any input in regards to my other questions? Any help is appreciated! Just want to be sure before I decide on making this purchase!

I use the Pineapple with Backtrack and tools like yamas, driftnet, etc and when BT5 WID works, all run fine.

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Anyone have any feedback on whether to purchase an elite bundle or stick with the standard? I heard that there were power issues with running the Alfa through pineapple (which, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm assuming is used to broadcast farther in order to capture a higher number of potential clients).

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s3izur3s: The NHA can be used for all kinds of things with the pineapple, but its best to get a *powered* usb hub to use with it. With the powered hub, you can also combine a usb thumb drive, which is basically mandatory if you want to install the pineapple infusions and store tcpdump captures. I use my NHA for lots of different things, for instance:

You can use it to bring in internet connectivity to the pineapple, negating the need for a laptop.

You can use it as a deauth tool. The NHA deauths the legit AP, and the pineapple steps in and takes over

You can use it as a discovery tool. Airodump'ing with the NHA before firing up karma to view potential victims.

Its awesome and well worth it imho, as long as you combine it with a powered usb hub. Good luck!


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Solution to some of the Backtrack 5 R3 problems (using gnome in my case [you can forego the "-gnome" part in the code when not using gnome]):

sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome 
cp /etc/network/interfaces {.stock}
echo "auto lo" > /etc/network/interfaces
echo "iface lo inet loopback" >> /etc/network/interfaces

reboot, then:

sudo apt-get remove wicd

reboot, then:

service network-manager start
nm-applet &

Result: You won't use WICD anymore, which is buggy in some cases on BT5 R3, i.g. not allowing connections via wifi and cable at the same time (which you'll most certainly want to do with your pineapple). Instead you'll use the network-manager, which makes things easier.

If you want to stay with WICD and run the pineapple like, let's say, pineapple -> your laptop -> wifi-card -> internet, you can connect to the wifi-network that provides internet-connection with WICD, then kill both of the WICD-processes and run the wp4 script.

All the best,


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Ok, I ready remove wicd and got network-manager working but sometimes the pineapple lost the connection. I have a doub, I have to disbale on the network-manager options the wired autoconnect? Because, I connect to my wifi but when I put in the network cable from the pineapple to the laptop, Itś change the connection, killing my wifi

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