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problems using pineapple IV as a regular AP


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I just got a pineapple IV and I am trying to start very slow and simple before I try the other interesting but more complex uses. So I am trying to use it as a simple AP. So I have the WAN port connected to my home network. My home network assigned the address to the pineapple WAN port. My home network gateway is

Then on my ubuntu laptop I connect to the pineapple wireless. My laptop gets the address and its gateway is

From the laptop I can access the pineapple web interface at and it shows that my laptop is indeed connected via the br-lan interface. It also shows that that my WAN port is indeed via the eth1 interface. Under the Advanced menu, the routing table shows that the pineapple's default gateway is indeed From this web interface I can ping my home network gateway successfully.

From the laptop I can ping my pineapple gateway and the route -n command shows that is indeed the gateway. From the laptop I can also ping the WAN interface of the pineapple at But I cannot ping my home network's gateway from the laptop so I cannot reach the internet from my laptop using the pineapple as an AP.

I know this is a newbe question and is basic routing stuff but I am confused. Do I have to explicitly configure the pineapple to route to my home gateway?



Edit: sorry guys, I just noticed that this pineapple question should be posted on a different forum. This is my 1st time here so I will do appropriately next time. I am assuming that I should not repost this on that forum so I will just leave it here.

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Its kind of funny that you're trying to start simple, but ended up doing something at the intermediate level of pineapple'ing I'd say :) It really matters not, since you seem very bright and (thankfully!) can express your goals and steps taken to reach those goals. What inTheDMZ is saying above is that the default usage of the pineapple is with the POE port plugged into a laptop that is connected to a legit wireless AP with ICS enabled (internet connection sharing). That is kind of the go-to, standard, default that the pineapple is configured to be expecting upon bootup. In order to deviate from that standard, you'll have to change the routing tables - which makes sense right? It's expecting internet connectivity from one port, in one specific way (poe port with and we're going to force it to do it another way.

So! Connect to the pineapple over the wifi and issue those commands onto the pineapple from either the advanced menu (one at a time) or ssh in. Once you're comfortable with that, I'd recommend using WhistleMasters button script (if its fixed for the latest firmware...I guess I'm not sure) to setup a script thats contingent on the WPS button press+hold. I have mine setup to configure the WAN port if help for 1-3 seconds, then start tcpdump/sslstrip if help for 5 seconds and it works great. Hope this helps you gonzo, and welcome to the pineapple community!


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