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Internet access from Pineapple non-existant

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I've got the pass-through working from my Mac ethernet-to-pineapple, and can see the status on the main page. But I cannot make any connections from the device - upgrades, Pineapple Bar content, etc.

I can connect to the device via ssh but no outside access. It appears to not route correctly. Is there any advice?

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Hi, thanks for responding. I've got sharing set up and pass-through works fine. One other issue is that on the Status page, it doesn't show any of the connected devices other than my Mac (host) but I've got several devices on that SSID, but the Karma updates show all the probe requests and other updates. In my ssh session, an ifconfig only shows an IP address associated with br-lan ( The eth0 and eth1 don't have IP addresses set. I gather there's no routing.

Thank you for your advice.

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Figured part of it out. With MacOSX Mountain Lion, I had to use the WAN/LAN port, re-establish the ICS, make sure the Ethernet address on the Mac is The ICS bridge creates the network address range of I ran "netstat -r" and saw that with a MAC address as the gateway was connected to the network interface of "bridge0."

Pointed the browser to and it works great now. Connected to the Pineapple Bar successfully.

Maybe things are different on Mountain Lion?

Well, I'm able to get out to the internet from the pineapple now, but passthrough isn't working any more. There's something goofy with the routing between the 172 and 192 interfaces. If I plug back into the POE/LAN port, and use the 172 web address I can re-connect and passthrough works. But no outside access.

Any ideas?

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