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Backtrack with shared folder in VMware


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I have tried few times to make shared folder in VMware/BackTrack but cannot make - mnt/hgfs folder in empty (in VMware shared folder in enabled and I have file inside it).

VMware tools is installed.

In Terminal:

lsmod | grep vm -> vmw_balloon 12593 0

Is there foolproof tutorial to make shared folder in BackTrack? I use VMware 7 and BackTrack 5 R3.

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Create share directory:
root@bt:~# pwd
root@bt:~# mkdir sharedir
root@bt:~# cd sharedir/
root@bt:~/sharedir# pwd

(This is an example, you would not want to grant give root an smb password, this is the only account on my bt box. You would want to create a share user, and give that user a smb password.)
Create samba password for user root:
root@bt:~/sharedir# smbpasswd -a root
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:
Added user root.

Setup samba:
root@bt:~/sharedir# vi /etc/samba/smb.conf

(Use the netlogon portion as a template, and uncomment it. Add the following settings)
comment = r00tusr's share
path = /root/sharedir
writeable = yes
valid users = root

Restart samba service
root@bt:~/sharedir# service smbd restart
smbd start/running, process 1404

Connect to samba share ( I run xubuntu with bt in vmware)

Windows: (username : root , password is what you set with smbpasswd)
Computer -> Map network drive

Pick drive letter:
Folder: \\BACKTRACKVM-IP\sharedir
(checkoff connect using different credentials, provide credentials)

Linux: (username : root , password is what you set with smbpasswd)

create mount point:
user@xunbuntu:/$ mkdir /mnt/sharedir

user@xunbuntu:/$ sudo smbmount //BACKTRACKVM-IP/sharedir /mnt/sharedir

user@xunbuntu:/$ sudo umount /mnt/sharedir

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