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I am working on a school project, to setup and configure a honeynet.

The way I have decided to do this is buy setting up a pfsense router with snort (ids) and from there a windows 2003 webserver without any updates ready to be hacked!

I was planning on installing sebek on the server to get keylogs, this is according to my honeynet book supposed to go to the honeywall (pfsense) but i don't have that ability so I was planing on configuring a hardend xp client behind a firewall with a sebek server and that also could receive the event logs but i am having problems finding sebek server for windows!

All this is happening on my computer in a vmware environment!

Anny tips on what I can do to get this to work? have been trying for two weeks now without any result and I am falling behind on school so I need to get this to work.

Thanks for any answers!

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The Sebek server was linux only, the clients were available for win32 and linux.

However, I dont think the project is maintained, so may require an older kernel.

Alternatives, you may want to read up on:




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Thanks for such fast reply!

as you say, the project is old and most of the info is outdated so I am having hard time finding out what to do today with all this old software and solutions, and when most of the links on the sites are dead :P

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