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[HELP] Ducky Broke less than 8 hours use - :-(


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My Ducky gave up the ghost and ceased to function, in any way shape for of fashion with less than 8 hours use - I need a replacement urgently - cant wait the suggested 31 days delivery time for overseas orders US -Uk as per initial order - Need it before 10th of March latest

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did you try it on different computers and check that your usb ports/drivers are functional?

I'm not sure of your soldering capabilities but have a look at all the joints under a magnifying glass and see if any of the solder joints broke....

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First of all, Uninstall any USB Mass Storage and other USB devices you do not recognise. Choose the "Display Hidden Devices" option. If you've flashed the Duck, also uninstall any AMTEL drivers. I mean here to Uninstall them, not just Disable them. There are freeware programs which will uninstall any non-essential and non-breaking drivers which are not currently attached or running on the computer.

Next, run the SD card in a card reader to make sure that works. Move any essential files on it to a temporary directory and format the drive in FAT32. Do this even if it has been recently formatted; we're going for a totally fresh install of the Duck.

Now, place the duck, naked, in the pc with no SD card. Hopefully lights should appear and Windows should try to install new drivers for it.

If you see any red lights, we know it's working to here and all is good.

Next, try it with the freshly formatted SD card. Again, red lights are good.

If there are no red lights, try following the Reflashing guide here: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28254-tutorial-re-flashingupgrading-the-ducky-winxp-32bit/ with your ROM of choice available from the repository here: http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/downloads/list

Once all this has failed, then we can start to talk about it being broken.

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Now, place the duck, naked, in the pc with no SD card.

It's the Duck that should be naked; i.e. with no cover on it, just the board. For you, clothing is optional at best. Just thought I should clarify that bit.

Winners Hack Naked!

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Similar issue here, though more like a week instead of 8 hours, seems to be some solder is loose somewhere, but I cant seem to identify where...(works sometimes when you apply slight pressure in various directions, but otherwise nothing in dmesg/lsusb/no lights/etc). Worst part is there was no physical trauma to the Ducky, it was working one minute, the next it wasnt.

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